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Today's busy households require a little help to make the days a little easier. Call your kids down for dinner or check to see who is at the front door. Simplify your home with a 4 room and front door selective call intercom powered by OnQ Legrand easily installed in new or existing homes.

This system features: Broadcast or room to room communication, high resolution LCD interface with user-friendly navigation, customizable hands-free reply time, efficient Cat-5 based network cabling for pre-wired homes.

Get all the benefits of intercom and more with a digital telephone key system. Digital phone systems can act as intercoms giving you the ability to have two great systems in one. Broadcast or communicate room to room with all the benefits of a business phone system utilizing the existing wiring in your home. Supports existing analog phones and is great for a home based business.

Home Services This system features: Dedicated voicemail for each member of the family, call routing (transfer, park, external forwarding, do not disturb), music on hold, caller id, paging, day/night service, emergency (911) service, speed dial, toll restrictions, supports voice over IP with optional broadband module.
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