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Commercial Services

Today’s Televisions have the most vibrant color rich displays ever and to get the most from your plasma, LCD, or DLP TV's you need a video source capable of High Definition 480,720,or 1080 lines of resolution. Distributed video is a cabling method that provides a single source or multiple sources the ability to be displayed on Televisions throughout your establishment.  

High definition displays require an HDMI or component video cable (Mini RGB) to carry these digital signals.

Commercial Services

A component video or HDMI video matrix allows multiple sources such as satellite receivers, cable converters, DVDs, Cameras and more... to be displayed on either the same or different TVs throughout your place of business.  Providing local control of what source each and every television in your place of business is displaying. Utilize system for distributing presentation displays or to rebroadcast your live entertainment.


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