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Innovative Communication was founded in 1997 to meet and fulfill customer and builder demands as an electronic systems integrator. Providing an unmatched quality of service for your home or business low voltage needs. At Innovative Communication our technicians are first chosen for their passion in the field of electronics and high-fidelity sound then each are then trained and certified in low-voltage cabling, audio acoustics, security, networking, and electronics systems integration. Every aspect of your new system or installation project is handled with great care and this passion behind it. Our goal is to provide your home and or business with a one stop solution for all of your low voltage cabling and electronic needs. Covering the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Electronic systems integrator is a term to describe a very verse set of individuals with the passion and knowledge behind them to install, program, and automate many home and business electronics and networks together. The art of integrating is selecting the correct products to work seamlessly and provide greater user ease. For homes this can mean a system that connects your TV, security, cameras, lighting, irrigation, and more and provide an easy to use interface to operate or can be completely automated to come on when you come home or when you wake up in the morning. For business's this can mean distributed high definition video and crystal clear sound throughout your bar or restaurant, to a fully automated boardroom with overhead projectors, smart boards, video and teleconferencing, and more with laptop interfaces and or LCD touch screens for enhanced operation.

We recommend only brand name products that carry full manufacturer warranties so you can be assured you are getting quality products to match our exceptional service guarantee.

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