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Electronics in the home has grown significantly over the last ten years. Homeowners today demand the latest in technology and the possibilities are endless. Home security, audio/video, theater rooms, media servers, cameras, lighting control, and full home automation and more are available to today’s consumers. As an electronic systems contractor our specialty is tying all these components together to work seamlessly and for the end client with a simple control system that the whole family can operate.

Home electronics start with the structured cabling of the home to meet all of the homeowner’s demands and provide the connections possible to make these devices operate together. Home control, lighting, irrigation, central vac, security systems and cameras are examples of these home electronics. Our cabling packages can be designed specifically to meet the needs of your consumer demographics, budget, and demands. For production homes we can provide all the necessary cabling to provide voice, data and video at a great package price designed to allow you as the builder the ability to earn additional revenue through a nominal markup to the consumer.

The added luxuries of full house sets you a mark above your competition offering your consumers the latest in technology and earning yourself additional revenue in the process. We would be happy to meet with you and or your architect to determine the best structured wiring package to meet your needs. Allow our expertise to work for you.

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