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Media servers, a networkable storage device, give you the ability to store and distribute music, movies, and photos to multiple locations in your home. Some servers have the ability to store DVD's, CD's, MP3's, and more. For IPOD customers Apple TV allows you to wirelessly stream audio and video from a media server to your entertainment system.

With ITUNES you have fingertip access to purchasing music, movies, and videos. Microsoft XBOX 360's are also used in distributing media server content. Wherever in your home that an XBOX is placed you can access any computer or media server operating Windows Media Center. Some Media Servers have the ability to directly connect to the internet for automatic downloading of album artwork for CD's, DVD's, and MP3's. The type of media servers you choose depends on the amount of data you wish to store on it and how you would like to access the content.

Home Services

We at Innovative Communications can help to store, consolidate, and distribute your audio/video files throughout your home. Utilizing a wired/wireless network system we have media servers that can stream your files to every TV and stereo in your home, as well as, accessing your content from an internet connection anywhere in the world.

Have control over all media content at your fingertips and let us help to determine the best solution for you and your household.
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