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Commercial Services

Bars and Restaurants:
Our expertise is audio acoustics. Upon acceptance of an in depth design proposal We will measure noise levels and room acoustics to determine optimal speaker types and locations to ensure quality sound that encompasses the entire Bar, Lobby, Dining area, Dance floor, and Restrooms with crisp and clear sound evenly throughout the establishment.  Giving you the local volume control and source selection of what each zone is listening to independently at any convenient location of your choice. Include Distributed Video and give your customers a great High definition picture with fantastic sound for the big game or perhaps to rebroadcast your live entertainment. 

  • Add Satellite Radio for up to 170 Channels commercial Free Music
     From every genre, plus Sports,
    News, Talk and Comedy.


Work Place:
 Background music and music on hold in an office or warehouse setting is a low cost moral booster and adds enjoyment every day in your workplace. In most cases this is background music and does not require the high fidelity speakers and equipment and can be quite inexpensive solution for entertainment in the workplace for customers and employees.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Commercial Services
Commercial Services
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