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Save time, save money, lighting systems can have many valuable benefits. Over 75% of customers who purchased electronic homes over the past 5 years wished they had put more into lighting control.

Existing homes can now take advantage of lighting control through multiple options of wireless switch devices and data over existing power lines. Whether your purchasing a new home or updating an existing home Innovative Communication can provide a lighting control system to meet your needs.

Have whole house control of all on/off timed lights, and scenes via a PC or a touch screen remote/keypad. A lighting scene can be set-up for any scenario. Your outside and entry lights that come on when you enter your home, a lit path to the restroom or to take out the dog, a movie scene that dims the media room.

Lighting your home properly with different lighting fixtures such as, sconces, stairway lights, driveway/outdoor lighting, can bring your new or existing home to life. Utilizing only the lights that are needed at the given moment will cut down on wasted electricity and save you money. Having one touch control and status indicators give you peace of mind that your home is in the state that you control.

Innovative Communication would be happy to put together a system to fit any home or business.

Home Services
Home Services
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