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Home Services

Home network usage and multiple computers in a home have increased over 20 times in the last 5 years. Networking your computers together allow for easy sharing of your Internet connection as well as sharing your movies, music, photos and more. Most of today’s electronics also require an Internet connection. These devices include DVR's (digital video recorders), Network cameras, A/V receivers, and many game stations such as X-box, Playstation3, Wii, PSP and shortly probably a few more. Gaming stations use this network to allow online play with multiple users online at the same time as well as for game purchases, downloads, updates, and even surfing the web.

Digital video recorders or (DVR's) also require Internet connection this allows you to transfer information off of the DVR to a mass storage device with greater room for all your favorite movies and shows. An Internet connection will also allow you to distribute recorded programs to other media servers in the home so you can access your favorite show or event throughout your home. Even appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, etc. are utilizing a network connection. Appliances use this connection for updates and services as well as even ordering your food when it detects you are running low.

Home Services

We offer hardwired and wireless network installation. If your home has not been wired to each room with the necessary cabling we can retrofit this cabling afterward and provide an Internet connection almost anywhere. Have laptops? We can also help set up a secure wireless network with the proper placement of your network router and repeaters to ensure a reliably connection no matter where you are in or around your home.

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